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The Education Partners Panel Luncheon

In Dubai, we continued with our global panel series with a panel event about leading change in education from policy to implementation.

The panel chaired by Denise Gallucci was held during the Global Education Skills Forum in March and drew an audience of education ministers, heads of states and world educational leaders and change makers.

On the panel, we heard from:

- Geoffrey Canada who served as the President and Chief Executive Officer for the Harlem Children’s Zone for more than two decades;

- Andreas Schleicher, the Director for the Directorate of the Education and Skills at OECD;

- James Shelton III, who served as the Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education until the beginning of this year; and

- Brian Schreuder, who is the Director-General of Curriculum and Assessment Management at Western Cape Education Department; and accelerating a much needed global education reform movement.

The panel which will be available for viewing on our website shortly, explored all aspects of policy change, challenges and examples of great success. It also explored why this needs to happen as a matter of urgency as exemplified by the launch of a white paper from The Education Partners.

The Improvement Effect: Brightening the futures of 550 million students

By bringing together these great education leaders from around the world, The Education Partners aspires to develop a conversation which will act as a catalyst for underserved student populations around the world.

There remains much to be discuss in our work together. But it is time for change and together, we have the experience, drive and depth of knowledge to make it a reality.  


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