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The Improvement Effect: Brightening the futures of 550 million students

Worldwide, 58 million primary aged students remain out of school; by secondary level, the number increases to 270 million with an aggregate of a staggering 328 million students out of school. Most of these children are concentrated in a few areas: Sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian sub-continent, the Philippines and Latin America.

“This paper doesn’t play the “blame” game – there is no hunt here for the culprit behind permanently failing school systems. Rather, it concentrates on the strategic approach to focused change: what can we do to get from where we are to where we need to be? Schools matter.”

- Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd, CEO, Collaborative Media Group


“It is the real exchange of ideas and perspectives from an international group of experts, their opinions, their research and current data from all over the world that is going into creating a new set of strategies to help school systems be successful.”

- Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO, Harlem Children’s Zone

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