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The Promise of Technology Integration in Schools

The Promise of Technology Integration in Schools, a white paper authored by The Education Partners and GEMS Education, explores the use of technology in education. We know that we can build and harness new and innovative technologies to address the education crisis. If our children are to excel in an evolving knowledge society, we must leverage the technology resources they need to function in a digital age.

Our team explored the barriers to technology implementation and proposes a systematic approach that systems around the world can implement to successfully integrate technology in schools.

Technology has the power to transform how people learn. New technology employed in innovative ways may unlock challenges to educational access and equity. Yet, were you to walk into some classrooms, you could be forgiven for thinking you were entering a bygone era in teaching and learning. 

This paper provides data and an analysis of ICT (information and communications technology) access, addresses barriers to implementation and integration in the education system and offers practical solutions to address these challenges. It emphasizes the need for education technologies based on what we know about the process of learning. 

Written by Justin Barbaro, Associate, Mary Elizabeth Wilson, Chief Learning Officer, and Denise Gallucci, Chief Executive Officer of The Education Partners, The Promise of Technology Integration in Schools includes contributions from: 

  • Justine Cassell, Associate Dean, Technology Strategy and Impact, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Susan Mann, CEO, Education Services Australia 
  • Maciej Jakubowski, former Deputy Minister, Ministry of National Education in Poland
  • Chandni Trivedi, Senior Associate, The Education Partners 
  • Jessica Beidelman, Research Associate, The Education Partners 

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