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World Renowned Experts Address a Global Audience

The Global Education and Skills Forum 2017 closed after two days of discussing how to build and share education solutions at scale. Influential education thinkers and leaders shared their experience and thoughts through dynamic discussions and debates addressing the conference theme: How do we make real global citizens? Throughout the conference, attendees heard from the public, private and social sectors to discuss providing quality education for every child.

The Education Partners’ panel discussion “Transforming Education: Getting Public Private Partnerships Right, The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts” explored the successes, challenges and opportunities in education Public Private Partnerships (ePPP). Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills at the OECD, Arne Duncan, former U.S. Secretary of Education, Geoffrey Canada, Founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone and Chair of The Education Partners Global Advisory Council, Rebecca Winthrop, Director for Universal Education and Harry Patrinos, Manager at the World Bank explored how to design and build successful partnerships to achieve results.

The Education Partner’s panel discussion was one of the most well-attended sessions, and the insights shared during the panel discussion helped education ministers, school leaders and teachers from around the world understand the most pressing issues in expanding access and quality in education. The role of education in an evolving world was a main point for this discussion and the partnerships needed to provide quality education. Geoffrey Canada noted that the role of education is to create a series of opportunities for groups that have been left out of the economy, whether they have been marginalized or have not been prepared for the labor market. Rebecca Winthrop added that education gives young people a breath of skills that allows them to navigate a fast changing world.

Public Private Partnerships were identified as a model to embrace this value set of education and have a measurable impact. Arne Duncan referenced his work with public schools in Chicago, and identified that through working with a strong private sector partner, the city of Chicago was able to provide programming that they the city itself was not able to provide. This included providing afterschool programming in underserved communities with private sector help.

There has been measurable and profound impacts on access to quality education through pairing people centric initiatives and government infrastructure with the innovation and competitiveness of the private industry. There is documented evidence that a well-designed and implemented ePPP can be a positive approach to building capacity and driving improvement and growth in the education system.  

Cover Photo: (Left to Right) Harry Patrinos, Andreas Schleicher, Rebecca Winthrop, Denise Gallucci, Geoffrey Canada, and Arne Duncan


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