We cannot be silent.

Dear Partners,

The last few months have been poignant. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the physical, emotional, and economic wellbeing of communities of color disproportionally. Protests expressing outrage over the police violence against George Floyd that resulted in his death, one of the 84 African-Americans deaths by police this year, have erupted in our cities. Both events bear witness that the over 400-year struggle of African-Americans to secure true equality in the face of systemic oppression is ongoing.

We cannot be silent.

The Education Partners condemns injustice and institutional bias that allows inequalities and disparities to continue in African-American, Native-American, and Latinx communities. No child or adult should ever have to face dehumanization or live in fear because of the color of their skin. We stand in solidarity with all who are committed to anti-racism, equity, and justice. The Education Partners believe in the sanctity of Human Rights and see education as the key to dismantling systems that prevent all from achieving these rights.

Our goal is to enact change by engaging in critical conversations to dismantle educational systems that promote privilege for some and oppression for others. We invite you to join us in creating anti-racist, culturally responsive professional learning and curriculum that supports all students and educators. Together, we can transform learning.

In solidarity,
The Education Partners

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