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Public-Private Partnerships

Education is critically important for the success of nations to have individuals who fully participate in government, community and the economy. It is for these reasons and others that governments take on the responsibility of educating children and youth. However, governments do not do this work alone and often form public-private partnerships to meet the demands of educating the population. The Education Partners works with public and private sectors to deliver leadership and management solutions, school improvement, skills partnership and education reform to make a tangible difference in the lives of children, communities and nations.

Our approach allows the client to shape desired educational practices and reach objectives through the effective provision of education services. Increased access to quality education and increased student success involves utilizing innovative and cost-effective solutions to achieve desired conditions in which students, educators and communities thrive.

Public-Private Partnerships, a contract between the government and a private service provider, have been identified as an efficient approach to meet the changing demands of the education sector to build or transform existing schools. These partnerships also provide the government with funding opportunities to provide their citizens with high quality education, including utilizing private funding to pay for education services. The Education Partners offers a comprehensive array of services to strengthen these capabilities and drive rapid, sustainable and systemic change to deliver quality education.

Our Work

We work with multiple stakeholders: governments, education providers, industry, unions, parents and communities in private and public school management to drive improvement at scale and pace. Public-private partnerships are an effective tool to help governments respond to the need for high quality education that benefits all parties involved, and The Education Partners is uniquely positioned to harness the power of these stakeholders to deliver fast, dramatic improvement of education.

The Education Partners offers a comprehensive array of services from school and system transformation to teacher training and cutting-edge learning enhancement.

School management Services
School Management Services

Our work promotes education excellence and operational effectiveness to maximize efficiencies within schools and informal learning environments by supporting day-to-day operations: human resources, financial management, staff management, leadership and service delivery. We work in partnership with clients to establish and maintain an effective school. We offer full system diagnostics and transformation.

  • Human Resources
  • System Diagnostics and Transformation
  • Financial Management
  • Staff Management
  • Leadership
  • Expanding Education Delivery
Private Management of Public Schools
Private Management of Public Schools

We are uniquely positioned to support the management of a single school to an entire public school district to meet the needs of the districts and increase student achievement. We diagnose the current school system and collaboratively create a strategic plan for comprehensive reform. We work with schools to monitor student learning through the use of data, to ensure program objectives are met. Actionable data will allow teachers and school leaders to link educational planning to academic outcomes.

  • Strengthening Leadership
  • Data Analytics and Assessments
  • Professional Learning
  • Curriculum Development
School Startup
School Startup

We develop a strategic plan to oversee all aspects of school development and implementation, from site feasibility, vision and goal setting through action plan, recruitment and governance structure. We work globally with companies and individuals to establish and operate schools.

  • Finance
  • Human Capital
  • Marketing and External Affairs
  • Admissions
  • Operations
  • Curriculum
Building School capacity
Building School Capacity

Our strategy is to provide support and services to each organization with a specific program to build school capacity including blueprint design, long term planning, curriculum support, pedagogical support, management initiatives and sustainability plans that address the unique strengths, needs, and timelines of the partnering schools and school systems. Drivers for school transformation are both external and internal and we create a diagnostic that allows for our team and systems-level leaders to collectively identify strengths and areas for development across academic, support and management functions.

  • Long Term Planning
  • Curriculum Support
  • Pedagogical Support
  • Management Initiatives
  • Sustainability Plans
Professional Learning
Professional Learning

Teaching and learning that results in improved student outcomes is key to our work. To this end, our professional learning offerings include robust teacher and school leader evaluation systems that emphasize: self-assessment, classroom observation, assessment for pedagogy and content, and teacher records/professional portfolio. During our professional learning sessions, we harness best practices to help educators develop formal observation and coaching systems that drive teacher effectiveness. We work with partners and teachers to promote effective curriculum design, including embracing a STEM identity and shifting their learning environments.

  • Professional Development
  • Teacher Management
  • Leadership Development
School Infrastructure and Operations
School Infrastructure and Operations

Our work in school infrastructure and operations supports the management of school development. We provide consultation on the procurement of appropriate furniture, fixtures and equipment to creating functional, comfortable and inspirational learning spaces. Our services range from architecture and design to managing project costs throughout the lifecycle. This includes coordinating the design process and communicating a school’s educational vision and translating it into a plan that maximizes operational efficiency (including master plan, architectural brief, layout and plans, and facility schedules).

  • Managing School Development
  • Architecture and Design
  • Pre and Post Construction Management
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Support Services Meals, Transportation
Supplemental Education
Supplemental Education

Combining our expertise in education programming and teaching, we work with clients to create a comprehensive set of competency-based learning programs. Program implementation and follow-through is supported by The Education Partners in-house team of learning strategists, with the goal of providing learning experiences that grow students as change agents and teachers who improve teaching and learning leading to enhanced student learning outcomes.

  • Academic Programing Outside of Regular School Hours
  • Special Academic Support for Special Needs Students
Transforming Learning


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