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During the current COVID-19 outbreak, we have developed new resources specifically targeting teachers and students to help facilitate effective and impactful distance learning sessions. These tutorials focus on helping educators deliver more engaging, interactive, and structured distance learning sessions.

Based on feedback from schools, in days and weeks to come we will add new content to address other exciting and useful applications available to educators.

The Education Partners are here to support schools during this unprecedented shift in learning. We will continue to work with educators to facilitate effective instruction and create best practices around virtual learning.

Additionally, you we invite you to access further free distance learning support content from our trusted partners – Agilix, the leading provider of K-12 learning and distance management platforms, and TELLAL, an international training and consulting organization for local, state, and national education agencies worldwide.

TEP Talks Podcast Series

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Google Meet Series for Teachers

Google Meet Series for Students

Zoom Room for Students

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