Services and Solutions

We offer a variety of services to help you develop and evolve your schools.

Our Approach
Our approach is rooted in a proven consultative methodology with specific expertise in delivering services through various modalities including face-to-face, virtual, and blended models. Our phased approach includes:  
  • We gather information and data on the areas you believe need our attention. We assess this data and the situation as a whole to reach an evidence-based conclusion about what needs to be addressed.
  • Based on the findings from step one, we collaborate with you to tailor a program to meet your specific needs and achieve program goals.
  • Once the program is designed, we implement and deliver services to educators. Depending on the specific need, this can be anything from basic consultations to extensive, hands-on training and development.
  • Once delivered, we evaluate the program to determine effectiveness. This is achieved through a number of assessments, surveys, and data collection mechanisms to understand the program impact. These learnings help us evaluate and make any necessary adjustments.
Professional Development and Training

Our Professional Development offerings cover a range of topics and expertise including:

  • Leadership Training
  • Classroom Instruction – (Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies)
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Educator Evaluation Programs
  • Principal Academies and Preparation Programs
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Deeper Learning

TEP’s professional learning can be delivered in a number of modalities including live training (full and half-day), webinars, and online modules.  No two schools or school districts are alike, and as your partner, we recognize that there is no “one size fits all” approach. Understanding the unique nature of schools, our methodology is rooted in a simple premise: the best way to deliver effective professional development is to tailor the services to the distinct needs and culture of each client.

Transformational Coaching

TEP has developed a highly effective approach to delivering useful, deeply customized job-embedded coaching for teachers, administrators, and school leaders.

Job-embedded coaching typically occurs after staff have experienced one of our broader training programs and are ready to take the next action steps to transfer that learning into the classroom. Job-embedded coaching helps educators implement and execute the strategies they have learned in our programs into their own classroom settings, with our coaches by their side. These coaching sessions can be live, on-site experiences, but we also offer the option of virtual sessions.

School Improvement & Management

As a subsidiary of GEMS Education, The Education Partners legacy has been creating and managing great schools worldwide.  Our experience in this area is nearly unprecedented, spanning more than five decades.

Our turnaround model utilizes our methodology of diagnose – a thorough review of the school, curriculum, instructional practices and culture, followed by our design phase where we work directly with district and school staff to create a program specifically tailored for the school.  Next, we deliver services which may include professional development, coaching, consulting, and implementation of new programs or tools. Finally, we determine, measuring the effectiveness of the delivery, creating a comprehensive report, and understanding what sort of adjustments need to made moving forward.

School Design

The Education Partners offers transformational school design services that focuses on school effectiveness and success. Our approach emphasizes intuitive design informed by pedagogical and instructional needs, educational excellence, operational effectiveness, existing infrastructure and client and customer care. This approach enables us to produce solutions based on the key component of knowing what works and customizing our approach to each individual institution. Together we will develop and implement a unique, innovative, and highly effective campus master planning to support the success of the school.

  • Master Plan Report aligned to goals for integrating school curriculum, existing and potential future infrastructure support to align school culture for success.
  • Campus Master Planning analysis and recommendations for integrating curriculum into existing and potential future infrastructure.
  • Action plan for meeting recommendations and goals.
School Review Prep

Every year, districts across the country perform walk-throughs or quality reviews of individual school sites to determine school ratings.  These processes can be intensely rigorous, putting additional strain on already insufficiently resourced schools. They can entail everything from extensive forms and paperwork to instructional and facility related preparation.

TEP has created a series of consultative offerings to support schools in preparing for district reviews. These services include assisting with forms and paperwork as well as preparing staff and facilities for the review process.

Consulting Programs

The Education Partners offers customized consulting and development services for local, state, and federal education agencies as well as third party organizations. These services encompass a variety of areas including:

  • Curriculum Development and Design
  • Program Design and Consultation
  • Curriculum Implementation and Training