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Angela Wineland

Angela Wineland Director of Education

Angela has spent over 15 year in service of the highest-needs schools and students in New York City. A 13-year veteran of the classroom, teaching high school English and Special Education, with 8 years as a teacher educator and instructional coach, and several years in central administration focused on the development of teacher training programs, Angela has remained consistently on the cutting edge of pedagogical practice and best practices for developing professional development for teachers, teacher leaders, and instructional coaches.

Her passion for students and equity have led her to specialize in Culturally Responsive Teaching, Culturally Responsive Classroom Management and School Culture Systems, and Coaching for Equity. In addition, Angela’s experience working on programming for the largest teacher preparation programs in the country have allowed her to become an expert at scale and change management when working in curricular and instructional shift at the district level. 

Angela leads the development of innovative curriculum design for TEP's teacher training and transformational coaching initiatives.

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