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Jose Luis Molina

Jose Luis Molina Managing Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

Jose Luis Molina runs the South America and Caribbean region for the The Education Partners. Currently based in Mexico City, Jose is an experienced consultant with ample experience in education, advising public and private clients in diverse areas, such as efficiency optimization, raising the quality of teaching and using technology to bring education to all children. His expertise encompasses higher learning (where he has worked with the largest groups in the region,  throughout 10+ countries in North and Latin America), PreK-K12 (where he has helped premium schools hone their academic offering) and government, where he has counseled Ministries and Departments of Education to enhance the effectiveness of education  Jose is a firm believer in the power of education and the impact of quantitative analysis, leveraging an Engineering Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School and 20+ years of experience having worked in the past in the Education, Telecommunications and Technology units of some of the most successful, global consulting firms , such as Booz & Co., Altman & Vilandrie, Parthenon, and Altura Consult.

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