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Vicky  Colbert

Vicky Colbert

Vicky Colbert is the Founder and Director of Fundación Escuela Nueva, and co-creator of the Escuela Nueva pedagogical model, known for its effectiveness in improving the quality and relevance of basic education in underprivileged schools across Colombia and beyond. She is the 2013 WISE Prize for Education Laureate. In 1975, Ms. Vicky Colbert introduced the Escuela Nueva model in rural Colombia, placing pupils at the heart of the learning process. Teachers become facilitators, and the process involves the entire community and bringing learners’ daily lives into their education.

The Escuela Nueva pedagogical model has become a part of Colombia’s national education policy and has been adapted to urban and displaced populations, with a significant impact on academic achievement.  According to UNESCO, Escuela Nueva helped Colombia achieve a high-ranking rural education system. The model has been recognized by the World Bank as among the most outstanding reforms in developing countries worldwide.

Ms. Vicky Colbert gained her expertise in education from national and international institutions.  She served as Colombia’s Vice-Minister of Education and as UNICEF's Regional Education Adviser for Latin American and the Caribbean.  She is currently Director of Fundación Escuela Nueva, the NGO she founded to expand the Escuela Nueva model.


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